Monday, September 8, 2008

SexMob @ The Stone 9/5/08

I am so glad I made it and I got the standing spot up front. I could have sat in the “other front row”, which was actually a good spot since Steven was over there so Tony and Briggan were facing that way. Still, I preferred to be able to move a little.

They said this was their first time playing together in over a year. I missed the last time they played at The Stone, but I thought they were together, I guess not.

It was as awesome as usual. I also found out the reason Steven talks so much in between songs is to get the blood back in his lips. That’s why a lot of trumpet players sing. I had actually been wondering that for a while, why so many trumpet players sing, and now I know.

Steven also mentioned they are doing a show with The Bad Plus in Paris. Can you imagine??!!! We need that here! Actually, I want a triple bill, Ceramic Dog, SexMob, and The Bad Plus, all in one night. That would be awesome! I haven’t looked at the date for this Paris gig yet, but I did fantasize about using my freq flier miles and rushing out there for a couple of days to see it. I bet it’s when I’ll be in Germany possibly. But, I’m pretty booked that trip and I couldn’t swing it, so that’s really why I’m not looking. I don’t want to be tempted.

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matveic said...

Last time they were at the Stone (January), Gerald Cleaver (IIRC) was subbing for Kenny on drums. They also had guest spots from Antony (of Antony and the Johnsons) on vox and Lenny Pickett on various reeds, including the sarrusophone.

Both that and this were very smokin' (and very packed) shows.