Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vicious Country @ Rodeo Bar 1/31/12

Would you believe this is my first blog post from Rodeo Bar?  I'm surprised I haven't been there for music before.  I tried to go to another 1st time venue for me, The Austrian Cultural Center for Peter Evans and some others.  However, I was 1/2 hour late and denied entry.  I was walking home and realized this would be a good walk-in.  I asked who was playing and when I heard it had the word "country", I wasn't so sure.  Then I heard it was Poppa Chubby and more like rock, so why not stick around.

It was a lot of fun.  I liked the keyboard player a lot.  I was dancing and enjoying.  They did Cissy Strut and an instrumental Over the Rainbow.  They did funk, blues, rock, and jazz.  At one point, Poppa Chubby asked a woman in the audience if she wanted to sit in after the next tune.  I immediately thought "singer".  I was surprised when I saw her pull out a bass.  She sang too and was great.  It went up a level with her.

They started around 9:20ish and I left during that set at around 10:30ish, after putting $ in the tip jar of course.

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