Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brian Mitchell @ Rodeo Bar 2/21/12

I've got a lot going on at work so I planned to go home right after the Jazz Standard set.  However, when I was reminded it was Mardi Gras and there was a gig down the street at Rodeo Bar I couldn't resist stopping by.  It was a lot of fun and good.  Jamie Mclean on guitar, Shawn Pelton on drums, Clark Gayton trombone, brian played piano and accordion, awesome percussionist.  I think there may have been 1 or 2 others.  There was a washboard sit-in.  I especially enjoyed the accordion parts and drum solos but it was all good.

I somehow didn't even notice it was Andy Hess up there on bass.  I spent some time looking for the listing and all I could get was from Andy's site.

From Andy Hess's website:  BRIAN MITCHELL Band  with Shawn Pelton, Clark Gayton & Fred Walcott 

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