Monday, February 20, 2012

Francois Grillot’s Contraband @ Local 269 2/11/12

I was really tired but when I saw the lineup I had to stay for some of it.  Roy Campbell was under the weather so Matt Lavelle came in his stead.  He had his bass clarinet as well as his trumpet with him.  I knew everyone except Catherine Sikora on saxophones.  She was excellent and now I have another one to look out for.  This band kicked butt.  I couldn't stay til the end but loved what I heard and saw.

Francois Grillot’s Contraband
Roy Campbell (trumpet)
Catherine Sikora (saxophones)
Daniel Levin (cello)
Anders Nilsson (guitar)
Francois Grillot (bass, compositions)
Jay Rosen (drums)

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