Saturday, February 4, 2012

Matt Wilson w/ Strings @ The Bitter End 1/7/12

I was not expecting this! Horns, strings, and one of my favorite drummers.  It was phenomenal.  While The Young Philadelphians w/ Strings the other night was incredibly intense and Fabian Almazan w/ Strings earlier was beautiful, this was somewhere in between and different.  I was way in the back dancing.  At first I could see Matt really well but only some of the horns and none of the strings.  The strings did a lot of plucking and I thought they had a koto or zheng or some other Asian instrument.  Later I was able to see better and it turned out it was more typical violins, violin cello.  I loved seeing Chris Lightcap on both electric and acoustic bass.  This just exceeded my expectations on every level and I hope to get more opportunities to see it again.

Matt Wilson Quartet +Strings
Jeff Lederer, reeds / Kirk Knuffke, cornet / Chris Lightcap, bass / Matt Wilson, drums / Space Quadrant Strings - Skye Steele & Felicia Wilson, violins / Nicole Federici, viola / Alisa Horn, cello / Mary LaRose, vocals

The concept of “cats and dogs living together” is personified when the Matt Wilson Quartet aligns, collides and dances with the Space Quadrant Strings. NPR declared their dazzling set at the 2010 Newport Jazz Festival “The winner of the festival.” The NY Times said of this fun-loving collaboration, “Mr. Wilson and his band mates have a way of pushing through brambles with exuberance.”

Ruff, Ruff, Meow, Meow, come dig our scene as we ramble and scramble our way into sonic splendor!

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