Monday, February 20, 2012

The Farbtones @ Local 269 2/12/12

Right before they came on we heard this great old song.  I know I was enjoying it immensely although I completely forgot what it was right after.  It might have been The Talking Heads.  Right after, the band was up and Brad was saying they were just going to play and didn't have a clue what would come out.  Someone asked if they would play punk, likely inspired by the same song I had been digging on.  Brad again said he didn't know what would come out.

What came out was intense, awesome follow up to what we just heard yet way different.  I was loving it.  Josh traded his electric contrabass clarinet from the last set for the regular baritone sax for this set.  I had to look up in my blog if I ever saw the drummer, Devin Gray before.  I haven't in the past 3.5 years anyway. It was an incredibly awesome improvised set.

The Farbtones
Josh Sinton (bari sax)
Brad Farberman (guitar)
Devin Gray (drums)

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