Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Medeski, Ribot, Parker, Cyrille @ LPR 2/16/12

Yeah, you read that post title right ... It was one of those dream bands I could never dream up myself.  Something happened with the Russians in Aukyton - they couldn't get here.  So, we got this amazing throw together ensemble instead.  Someone needs to try to get them again - at Vision Fest or something.
This is definitely on my long list of favorite shows ever.  It was a seated show with many of us standing in the back.  Of course the few talkers in the room all managed to stand by me.  The music was so good I was able to ignore the talkers for the most part.

They came out for an encore and did a Blues thing. Phenomenal!

John Medeski , Marc Ribot , William Parker and Andrew Cyrille

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