Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tim Berne Snakeoil @ Rubin Museum 2/17/12

This is some band.  At first, I was mesmerized by Ches Smith and the other 3 phenomenal artists were background.  As t went on, I ended up being in awe and giving each of them my full attention.  The new CD is phenomenal as well.

SNAKEOIL is a potent blend of new voices and new ideas. Oscar Noriega (woodwinds), Matt Mitchell (keyboards) and Ches Smith (percussion) bring fresh sounds and vibrant energy. Berne responds with a stunning book of new pieces balancing compositional rigor with fluid group improvisation. Hypnotic rhythms and long, seductive melodies collide with jagged dissonances and surprising textural shifts. A lush, organic blend of saxophones and clarinets is layered with electronic and acoustic keyboards and an ever-changing tapestry of percussion. Freedom and discipline, consonance and discord, past, present and future- all work together to power this new band from Tim Berne.

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