Friday, February 10, 2012

Sexmob @ 92Y Tribeca 1/13/12

Oh how I miss the frequency with which we used to see Sexmob.  Steven told us they developed new material at the request of the European fanbase, or was it promoters?  It's great although I could never get sick of the old stuff, either.  They gave us a little of that.  It was awesome to see Kenny and Tony - it's been a while.  Erik Lawrence came out for one as well.  It was about 75 minutes with encore.  After that, I got a few hours of sleep and then started the journey to Costa Rica.  I figured this wonderful week and a half of music would hold me for a couple of weeks.

Sex Mob Plays Nino Rota, Ellington & Bond

Together as a unit since 1995, Sex Mob is a rare band that has created its own sound, a completely unique language combined with the telepathy that musicians cultivate over years of playing together.

Formed to play at the The Knitting Factory's late night hang, Sex Mob moved to Tonic for what became a "legendary" Friday night midnight destination. Nominated for a Grammy for their 2006 CD Sexotica, the quartet has lent their unique sound to artists including Rufus Wainwright, Jill Sobule, Roswell Rudd, Hal Willner's Leonard Cohen project "I'm Your Man" and Bill Frisell's Grammy winning CD Unspeakable. Having spent the last 16 years playing around the planet, the group's music has also been heard on SNL, NPR and MTV. As a band, they continue to grow and evolve, pioneering the idea that a repertoire can range from Nirvana to Prince, Bond to Basie and everything in between. Equally at home at a jazz festival, rock club or concert hall, their music is a combination of the grace of Ellington, the power of punk rock and New Orleans groove, all filtered through a "Downtown" sensibility. This special 92YTribeca performance will be the US premiere of the "Axis of Melody Suite," an ever-evolving suite based on melodies from Duke Ellington, Nino Rota and John Barry.

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