Monday, February 20, 2012

A Love Supreme @ Middle Church 2/14/12

It's now an annual Valentine's Day event.  I went to the first one, I'm not sure about any others until this year.

It was phenomenal.  Roy Campbell appeared fully recovered from whatever the previous Sunday night.  He and Louis Belogenis did a phenomenal job on Coltrane's parts.  Uri Caine!  It's been too long.  He blew me away.  I loved his solos.  Hill Greene and Michael Wimberly were awesome.  It was stellar.

Now, I must admit I could have done without the soprano vocalist, but it appeared I alone had that issue.  I saw her getting complements afterward.  She was only up briefly in the beginning and sang the prayer at the end.  I just don't care for high voices.

It was amazing and I'm so glad they do this every year!
Join us on Valentine's Day for our fourth annual concert of John Coltrane's rarely performed suite, A Love Supreme. One of Coltrane's most profound and personal compositions, A Love Supreme is deeply probing on both a musical and a spiritual level. The final movement "Psalm" will include a setting of Coltrane's poem "A Love Supreme," sung by Beth Anne Hatton (Opera Feroce, Anima). The band, whose core members comprise the quartet 'Exuberance', will be joined by pianist Uri Caine (known for traversing the classical, jazz, and improvisatory worlds of music) for what promises to be a revelatory night of music-making.
A Love Supreme
Words and music by John Coltrane
Roy Campbell, Jr., trumpets and flute
Louie Belogenis, saxophones
Uri Caine, piano
Hilliard Greene, bass
Michael Wimberly, drums
Beth Anne Hatton, soprano
Jacqueline Lewis, speaker

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