Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fish Head Stew @ Hiro Ballroom 2/7/12

It was an early Mardi Gras show and looked interesting.  I'm on the promoter's email list, which I think is a Tulane alumni.  The show wasn't listed on Hiro's site, so maybe that was part of the low turnout.  There were about 50 or so people there I would guess.

It was 3 Radiators + Adam Deitch on drums playing Rad songs at first and then a lot of covers.  It was excellent.  I loved hearing Adam fooling around a little before many songs - if he was a guitar player I would say "tuning up" instead of "fooling around".  He was especially awesome.  I also enjoyed Camile on guitar a lot.

When Christine Ohlman came up they broke out lots of covers, including Piece of My Heart.  I couldn't stay til the end, but I had fun.

This is from the email I got about this Hiro Ballroom show:
Join us for an early Mardi Gras, this Tuesday with Fishead Stew including members of the New Orleans Radiators, Dave Malone, Camile Baudoin, Reggie Scanlan, Drummer Adam Deitch of Lettuce, and special guests Christine Ohlman "beehive queen" from Saturday Night Live and Radio Host Ken Dashow of Q104.

This is a listing from a show of the same band somewhere else the next night:
In culinary circles, fish head stew scares away picky eaters, but entices the truly adventurous. Here, we’re talking an impromptu collaboration between three ex-Radiators musicians: Dave Malone on lead/rhythm guitar and vocals, Camile Baudoin on lead guitar and Reggie Scanlon on bass and epic Lettuce drummer Adam Deitch.

You won't find anything about this group on the internet because, well, before and after this ONE-TIME performance, they really don't even exist. That's right! Inspired by the powers of the StageOne sound system and you, the FTC audience, Fish Head Stew is happening especially for FTC, ONE TIME ONLY! Like the prolific bands that birthed them, Fish Head Stew will bring the funk. The pure, raw and unadulterated funk.

The Radiators -- a funky, bouncy, tight and energetic New Orleans rock band -- very recently ended their career on a high note, after being inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame and playing three giant shows for their closest fans. As each band member heads off in their own direction, Fish Head Stew is just one of many funky little musical galaxies that have formed as a result. And they’re poised to take the Radiators’ well-known “fish-head music” to new levels with the inventive, almost fluid drumming of Lettuce's Adam Deitch. Get out and come together for this one, and witness one of the rarest, most exciting fan-favorite shows we've ever had the pleasure of presenting.

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