Sunday, February 12, 2012

Father Figures @ Zebulon 2/6/12

Now, THIS is my thing.  Phenomenal instrumental reminiscent of, dare I say it, Skerik.  2 awesome tenors, Adam also doubled on electronics, cymbal, mic, and pedals.  Very interesting.  I loved the drummer.  The bass played upright and electric at times.  It was so good.

They are doing a Monday night residency at Zebulon this month.  It's well worth checking out.  I hope to get back there towards the end of the month, when we have a break from Monday Night Alive.

Father Figures is:
Adam Schatz (tenor sax, effects)
Jas Walton (tenor sax)
Ross Edwards (keys)
Spencer Zahn (bass)
... Ian Chang (drums)

Father Figures is a band of five friends from Brooklyn, making music that blends the composed and improvised into something that is wild, yet accessible. It is Zombie Jazz, and it is not your grandfather’s music… unless your grandfather juggled knives. Always melodic and strong willed, Father Figures manages sounds into sculptures to make you move your feet, then break a vase, and can neatly package these sounds into a 30 minute set ideal for a dirty basement, or an hour long set ideal for a slightly cleaner warehouse. But they’ll actually play anywhere, and won’t be stopped.

After meeting at NYU, Father Figures studied with instrumental monsters Ralph Alessi, Dave Pietro & Wayne Krantz to help develop their approach to collective improvisation and build a rock solid group sound as a foundation for creative composition from every band member. As a listener, it will be unclear what is improvised and what is not, and that mystery is what carries Father Figures live performance to new heights.

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