Thursday, July 1, 2010

La Cumbiamba eNeYe @ Stuy Oval 6/30/10

In spite of being one of the closest venues to my home, this was my first time there. It was the perfect evening weather-wise. During this set, there were lots of kids with balloons, but they seemed well-behaved and happy to be around music. The set was awesome and was about 45-50 min long.

They did a couple of songs before inviting Marc Ribot up to play the rest of the set with them. The first song started with a flute solo. It's mainly percussion with 2 drummers playing flute at times. There is an electric bass and 3 vocalists. I was already very into it and having fun. I must say when Ribot played, it went to an even greater level.

While I love all things Ribot, my favorite is a larger stage setting like this. I also like him on a larger stage outside. I kept remembering when Ceramic Dog opened for MMW at Prospect Park a few years ago. I love this lineup. I would also love a show next year with Ceramic Dog and Caged Funk.

It was a great band and so much fun.

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