Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jenny Scheinman @ Village Vanguard 7/15/10

Yes, this was even better than you could imagine. Jenny wrote new music just for this Vanguard run. And excellent music it was! The Wall Street Journal people were coming in at the same time I was, so look out for their review. I could have stayed for the 2nd set for $10, but I opted out for work demands.

The Vanguard is now accepting Visa and Mastercard. I was shocked about that. Why start now after all these years? I urge you to pay cash whenever possible. It's hot in the staircase and I'm concerned about slowing down the line. I do admit there were some V/MC people in front of me and the line didn't seem any slower. Still, I think if most people did it, it would get a lot slower.

I just noticed how much Nels Cline's playing reminds me of Bill Frisell. He was awesome at the out there parts as well as adding a psychedelic bent to some parts and everything in between. There was also a portion where I thought Jenny was plucking the violin strings, but it was coming from Nels.

There were portions where I found myself drawn to the bassline. Nothing else mattered, it was so awesome. There was also a great part that started with a bass solo and became a drum and bass duo. I loved it. Jim Black was the only one I couldn't see too well due to spot at the table by the rail up the couple of steps.

Jenny was as blown away amazing as always. I'm equally impressed by her composing skills. This was truly phenomenal music.

July 13 - July 18
Nels Cline-gtr, Todd Sickafoose-b
Jim Black-d

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