Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mary Halvorson Trio @ Roulette 7/9/10

I left work late, at 7pm. I had already ruled out this 8pm show. However, when I was walking home I found myself walking West instead of East. I guess my feet were taking me regardless of what my mind was saying! Of course I can take the long way home, via some stellar live music and rest and get stuff done later.

It was so great. Apparently, she just did a 3 night residency. I hadn't caught up on the listings, which is how I missed it. This was the one night she had a trio. The other 2 were quintets.

The trio was of course phenomenal. It allowed me to pay closer attention to each of them. I had a great front row seat where I could see everything. A little more to the right and Mary may have been obscured by the music stand. She is so excellent. Of course, much of my time was spent being mesmerized by Ches Smith on drums.

They did 1 old song followed by 4 they are going to record with the quintet. They finished with 2 even newer pieces. The music is all fantastic.

Mary Halvorson Trio
Mary Halvorson, guitar
John Hébert, bass
Ches Smith, drums

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