Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Allen Toussaint's Bright Mississippi @ Théâtre Jean-Duceppe 7/5/10

This was excellent, I missed my chance to see them at the Village Vanguard, so I especially had to go.

We have Joe Henry to thank for putting these guys together. I presume that's Allen's manager. I think it was brilliant to have Don Byron and Nicholas Payton. It's hard to find a worthy powerful equal for either of them.

Wow, Ribot without any pedals, just a guitar. He was awesome as can be expected.

I loved them all.

Now, they have an album, one album. It appears they were scheduled for 2 hours and I presume had to fill it. I'm guessing Joe Henry wasn't on hand to help with that. We did get a nice 20 min Toussaint solo medley. It was also fortunate that when he introduced everyone he let each of them take a solo, except for the drummer. I also loved it when the bass solo gave me a little from that medley I heard earlier at the end of the Miles show on film. Then Toussaint started playing playing Southern Nights and then went into a long drawn out at least 10 minute story of how he came to write the song. Then the band played briefly and that was it. I have to admit that was a poor way to end. It would have been much better if they either ended early, or let Don Byron and Marc Ribot do something together.

Aside from the last 15-20 min, it was phenomenal. Right before the Toussaint solo section, he did a duo piece with Ribot. Right after, he did one with Byron. There is only one song on the album with vocals. What a song! It is very bluesy and really shows off the musicianship. Everyone is phenomenal on that one

I'm so glad I got to go. I still have to get the CD. I'm also hoping beyond hope they do another Vanguard run.

Allen Toussaint, Bright Mississippi avec Nicholas Payton, Don Byron, Marc Ribot, David Piltch and Jay Bellerose

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