Saturday, July 10, 2010

Charlie Hunter @ Cinquieme Salle, Montreal 7/4/10

This small theatre was general admission. I didn't see a good dancing spot, but I found a seat I was happy with, given that I got there minutes before it started.

I was thrilled to see the setup was just a guitar and a couple of amps. Yeah, a Charlie solo show! It was an excellent 1 hour set with an encore. He said he just recorded a new record of all old songs his 99 year old grandfather helped him pick out. The beauty of it is they are all in the public domain, and therefor free. He told us after he played a few, and I definitely recognized some of them.

He's so great. He did awesome Blues, fantastic Funk, and a bunch of other stuff. He told us the encore was a "guitar novelty" song.

I enjoyed watching him play. I got an even deeper understanding what he's doing without the drums to distract me.

So good.

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