Sunday, July 18, 2010

Doug Wamble @ Iridium 7/16/10

Got Soul??!!

If I titled my posts in a different way, the title of this one would defintely be "Got Soul??!!". This show was oozing of soul like no other.

It was Doug's dream band and one of my I-couldn't-even-imagine-it-but-its-my-dream bands. I think I've seen Bernard Purdie before, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm now looking him up. Doug told us if he could only take one album to a desert island it would be Aretha Franklin "Amazing Grace". Bernard is on that album. They then treated us to "Mary Don't You Weep".

They did some of Charlie's, some of Doug's, and some great covers. The whole show was phenomenal. The very best part was "Waterfall". There were definitely some tears in the audience for that one!

I think Bernard may have been the happiest person in the room. He did not want to leave the stage. I suspect we got an encore because of him.

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