Sunday, July 11, 2010

Miles Davis à Montréal @ Cinémathèque québécoise - Salle Claude-Jutra , Montreal 7/5/10

2 hours of an on-stage seat to a great show of music! It was very funky and fresh. From what I gather, this is the uncut version. There is a DVD out there. This had no credits, no intro, just the show. There was one small pause with a snowy screen, probably set break. After about 2 hours, it just cut off, during my favorite part. He was playing that familiar "ditty" (for lack of a better word) and improvising with the others, and I was enthralled. Still, the show was too great to worry about that. It was also kind of nice that it cut off in the middle of music. If I have to leave a show earl, I like to leave during good music. It stays with me as I make my way home.

Miles did a lot of directing in a very cool style. I loved the bassist. I even liked Scofield, and I'm not often a fan of his. I can't do justice to attempting to write it up, but All About Jazz has a great review of the commercial DVD.

I even liked the 2 pop covers. I thought he did them better and now that it's so far from the time, it's fun to hear the familiarity. I have a feeling I would have a different opinion in an earlier time. I never liked most of the music from the 80s.

The Personnel:
Miles Davis (trumpet)
Robert Berg (sax)
Robert Irving III (synthesizer)
Daryl Jones (bass)
John Scofield (guitar)
Steve Thornton (percussion)
Vince Wilburn (drums)

The Listing:
Miles Davis à Montréal
by Tom O'Neill (Que., 1985, 120 min Beta dig.)
Uncut version of the famed June 28, 1985 concert in Théâtre
Saint-Denis. With John Scofield, Bob Berg, Darryl Jones.

Guest programmer: Robert Daudelin

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