Thursday, July 1, 2010

Los Cubanos Postizos @ Stuy Oval 6/30/10

This was just about an hour of phenemenal music. The lineup was a little different. Shazad Ismaily on bass, a percussionist from the previous band, Anthony Coleman on keyboards, Dafnis Prieto on drums and of course Marc Ribot. Now, Dafnis is a real Cuban and a damn good Cuban musician. Maybe that's why Ribot said they were thinking about changing the name to Los Postizos instead. Maybe not.

It was so much fun and awesome music. It was surprising how not many people were dancing until Ribot coaxed them up for the most danceable song of all. I found the whole thing easy to dance to and loved every minute. The sitters didn't bother me like they have in the past.

If you haven't had the opportunity yet and you love Latin music, go if you ever get another chance. This band is really great!

That was a nice way to send me off to Montreal. Ribot is going to be there and I hope to be able to get tickets. I couldn't buy them on-line because the ticket site kept saying I entered my phone # in the wrong format. I couldn't figure out what the format they would possibly accept was, so I have to wait. It might be a good thing anyway since some of those fees were pretty hefty. Wish me luck!

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