Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eric Deutch @ Banjo Jim's 7/20/10

For the summer Banjo Jim's is having Eric Deutch's Summer Shakedown starting at around 10pm-ish. He plays with at least 1 of the bands, maybe both. He played in both last night.

The first was a quartet with Brandon Seabrook on banjo and guitar, Marc Dallo on drums, Whynot Jansveld on electric bass and Eric on organ. It was fun. It got funky, it got a little experimental, there was a great rock song at the end. They had me dancing for a lot of it. There were definitely some aha moments. I attribute most of those to Brandon. He really blew me away.

I had to stay for Sunny Ozell when I realized Tony Mason is on drums, Scott Metzger on guitar and Sunny is singing. I saw her sit in once with The Duo and have often wondered why she doesn't sing in a band. I recall when Galactic wanted a singer pondering why they didn't ask her.

This band also included Eric Deutch on organ/piano and Whynot Jansveld from the previous band on bass.

I couldn't stay for the whole thing, I hadn't intended to stay at all. This had more of a country/gospel flair. It was good and I enjoyed it. My favorite song was the Marva Wright cover. I also enjoyed some mini guitar solos. It was good and fun and worth sticking around for.

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