Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ribot/Cohen @ The Stone 6/29/10

I was on my way to Vision Fest when I realized in my heart that was where I wanted to be. Yes indeed, a great choice on my part. It was phenomenal. They did some Albert Ayler. They did what sounded more like free improv. They did an amazing groovy blues piece that Greg started so wonderfully. It was perfect!

I couldn't motivate to get to Vision Fest after that. I really wanted to see the Rashid Ali tribute with a bunch of drummers. I kept thinking about how it's sometimes a pain to go to Vision at Abrons late. I knew the 10pm set tine factor was working for me, some might vacate a seat to get home. Still, I couldn't get motivated. It was a great night regardless.

Greg Cohen and Marc Ribot
Greg Cohen (bass) Marc Ribot (guitar)

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