Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Harlem-Kingston Express @ Dizzy's 7/20/10

Jamaican music at Dizzy's with 3 drummers, one of which is Obed Calvaire - I'm there! Believe it or not, it exceeded my expectations. It was Jamaican infused jazz. They even did a couple of familiar tunes there way. There was some reggae, some island sounds, jazz and lots of drums.

They had 2 great bassists, electric and upright. I love that. The guitarist from Israel is phenomenal. There was another rhythm guitar. The piano was incredible. He also played the melodica, some of the best I've hear. Yes, it was quite a band.

There was one call-and-response part between the guitar and the melodica. Plenty of great drum solos to keep me happy. I was dancing the whole time in my usual spot between the sound guy and the kitchen. It was awesome!

The set was over 45 min. I had the feeling they would have done an encore if the manager hadn't come on to do his usual spiel about what's coming up. Maybe not, but it seemed like it to me. It was a great show regardless!

The listing:
Monty Alexander: Harlem-Kingston Express
w/Bobby Thomas, Obed Calvaire, Hassan Shakur, Karl Wright & Hoova Simpson

Tue-Sun, Jul 20-25

Travel to the island of Jamaica with native son Monty Alexander as he performs a magical blend of rich rhythms, traditional songs of Jamaica, and the classic sounds of contemporary jazz. Monty Alexander, piano; Bobby Thomas, hand drums; Obed Calvaire, drums; Hassan Shakur, bass; Karl Wright, Jamaican drums; Hoova Simpson, Jamaican bass

View a video of Monty Alexander performing live from Jazz at Lincoln Center here.

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