Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Radio I-Ching @ Otto's 7/20/10

I got the last 45 min or so, including encore. Cooper-Moore played with them as a special guest. He fit right in. It was fun to see him rock out. I saw him play his jaw harp, banjo and diddley-bo. Andy played his soprano sax, electronics and didgeridoo. Dee hauled in his own drum kit and sounded phenomenal. Don played electric bass, electric mandolin and something that looked like it could be some kind of African mandolin. He had a guitar and maybe something else, but I missed those.

A lot of people would love this band. They rock out with an experimental edge. It's intense.

Tuesday July 20 @ Ottos Shrunken Head
Radio I-Ching

Andy Haas - curved soprano sax and reeds (Martha and the Muffins, Hanuman Sextet, John Zorn)

Don Fiorino - guitar, banjo, mandolin, lap steel, glissentar, bass (Attention Screen, Hanuman Sextet)

Dee Pop - drums and percussion (Bush Tetras, Freedomland, Gun Club)

& very special guest star
COOPER MOORE - horizontal hoe-handle harp, mouth-bow, three string fretless banjo, bass diddley-bow, bamboo flutes (William Parker's In Order to Survive, Digital Primitives, Little Huey Orchestra, Triptych Myth)

Otto's Shrunken Head
538 East 14th Street, NYC, 212-228-2240

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