Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jack DeJohnette Group @ Theatre Jean-Duceppe, Montreal 7/2/10

This was the only ticket I was able to buy in advance. My seat was in the front row, but on the piano side. The drums were a little obstructed by music stands. This is a 1,000 seat theatre with 2 wide aisles on each end and no center aisle. I realized before it began I could stand off to the side on the steps, which is almost always my preference.

This was a great show. I'm happy with my choice. I really wanted to see John Surman, but the website had mistakenly listed that show for both 7/2 and 7/3 when it was only for one night.
What I missed:
John Surman baryton saxophone master with Howard Moody on church organ
One of the most important British saxophonists and composers meets a church organ virtuoso with innovation on the brain: and a new way of jazz thinking is born. For their 2nd collaborative album, Rain on the Window, Moody and Surman-whom we've been waiting to welcome back to the Festival-blend saxophone and clarinet with organ to create a new form of jazz. Unexpected combination.

What I saw:
The Jack DeJohnette Group with Rudresh Mahanthappa, Dave Fiuczynski, George Colligan, Jerome Harris
A loyal and longtime regular at the Festival, Jack DeJohnette, one of the world's greatest drummers, welcomes friends Rudresh Mahanthappa (alto saxophone), Dave Fiuczynski (guitar), George Colligan (keyboards) and Jerome Harris (bass guitar), all of whom hail from different musical galaxies. On the program: Jack's classics, Special Edition, New Direction and Music for the Fifth World, along with pieces from his current project, Music We Are, and a few new compositions. Get rhythm!

It was excellent! I forgot how awesome Jerome Harris is. He plays a regular acoustic bass as opposed to the contrabass. I guess it's because he also plays guitar. I certainly didn't feel any lack in the instrument.

Rudresh was one of the reasons that drew me to this show. I always love seeing him. I'm so glad he and Jack found each other.

Dave Fiuczynski played both the double-neck and single-neck guitars. I think he was the guy I saw on the double-neck sitting in with someone at Sullivan Hall once. I recall that didn't do it for me. Well, he did it for me at this gig. He was great.

This was my first time seeing George Colligan. I hope it's not my last.

Jack announced the first 3 songs and then they played them. Then he announced the next 4 songs and they played them. No encore, but the show was I think close to 2 hours. I think they were anxious to wrap it up because Ahmad Jamal was starting his 80th birthday celebration show in the theatre next door.

There were at least 2 great drum solos. The repertoire gave us some insight into the history of Jack's music. They started with a song he composed for Eric Dolphy. I remember I really liked an African Tango piece. It was a nice sampling.

I keep expecting to see him with the setup he had for the Alice Coltrane tribute show I saw at the Society for Ethical Culture a couple of years ago. I guess that was a super extra special event.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this show and I'm so glad I got to go.

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