Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tribute to Alice Coltrane 6/18/08

That was a great show last night at the Society for Ethical Culture. Being a downtowner, I didn’t realize there was a huge park in between East and West 64th St, so I ended up having to cut through to get there. It was a nice walk and I still made it to the venue on time. It took a while for them to get through the will call issue, which is why I usually get a ticket mailed even if it does cost a little more (I risk the standard mail and it usually works out).

It started at 8:15 and ended at maybe 10:15. It was awesome from start to finish. The one person not in the listing below is the sitar/tabla player.

While everyone was awesome and it all sounded great, the superstar of the night was Jack DeJohnette. He was amazing and blew me away! I think many people were very impressed and some even gave him a standing ovation after his 2nd killer drum solo. We got the first one at the end of the first song. Then, almost every song, he grabbed my attention often with whatever he was doing, which was playing his heart out. The 2nd big huge solo was toward the end of the last song. I would love to see him solo and just play drums sometime.

At around 8:30, the band took a break and they showed a 20 min DVD of Alice Coltrane. They talked about her career, and showed footage from throughout her lifetime, including some with John with the kids. It was very nice. I’m getting goosebumps still thinking about it.

After the DVD, they 2 more long songs together, most people’s favorites of Alice’s. That’s when we got the incredible drum solo.

There was also a very grooving song in the 1st part, and I wished I was able to dance. I probably could have gotten up and went into the back, but it was so nice watching Jack from the 3rd row, I didn’t want to move. They had him up front and stage left. The only thing I didn’t like about the setup was that Charlie Haden was behind Ravi Coltrane, and I think they could have figured out how to place them so we could watch him the whole time, too.

A Tribute to Alice Coltrane, featuring:RAVI COLTRANE, GERI ALLEN, CHARLIE HADEN, JACK DeJOHNETTE, BRANDEE YOUNGERThe Concert Hall at The New York Society for Ethical Culture 8pm

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