Monday, February 16, 2009

What a great addition to the NYC jazz scene! I know that part of Adam's motivation is helping people find affordable great music. I can tell I will be checking out the recommendations for the night often. That's what's on the home page. Then, you can click and get the entire night's listings. The venue info looks great. I love the look of the site.

Here's what it is in their own words: is the go-to place for live jazz, improvised, and experimental music in New York City. The site features daily show picks and full calendar listings; venue profiles for every space in the five boroughs to see live jazz and improvised music, organized by size, location, affordability, student friendliness, and more; artist interviews and features; concert reviews; exclusive audio, video, and photo content from throughout the scene; editorials from a cast of characters currently presenting, performing, or otherwise furthering new jazz and improvised music; and a whole lot more.

The site is for seasoned veterans, as well as anyone who wants to see great live jazz in New York, but doesn't quite know where to start. (As it turns out, we also feature a wide variety of other incredible progressive music not typically considered "jazz"). Our aim is to bring more people out to more shows, and keep everyone posted on what's happening. It's all part of our greater mission to build a sustainable community for this music in NYC and beyond.

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