Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cooper-Moore/Malaby/Mateen/Parker/Waits @ The Living Theatre 2/21/09

This was about an hour of amazing, mind-blowing awesome music. Cooper-Moore played the piano the entire time. They were all amazing, when focusing on an individual, and when just listening to it all together. Nasheet Waits is definitely on my short list of favorite drummers. I love it when he plays in stuff like this, meaning very improvised. It did remind me of Aethereal Bace.

This was listed as a rare treat. It was also supposed to have Charles Gayle, but Sabir Mateen came and subbed for him. I really hope they do it at Vision Fest with Gayle. It's going to be at Abrons Art Center this year.

I have to admit I didn't really miss Charles Gayle, it was so incredibly amazing.

Cooper Moore, hand crafted instruments / Tony Malaby, tenor sax / Sabir Mateen, tenor sax / William Parker, bass / Nasheet Waits, drums

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