Thursday, February 12, 2009

Abigail Washburn @ Joe's Pub 2/12/09

I am so glad I didn’t blow this off. I was tired, but I had a quick power nap. Then, I had a few moments of not being motivated and I almost missed it, my last opportunity to see this quartet. I went to the 9:30 set, and they said they only have 1 more gig and then they won’t be playing together any more, at least there are no plans to do so.

The fact that it was listed as a trio wasn’t swaying me, I wanted to see it regardless. All 3 of them are phenomenal, and I only saw it once, at jazzfest last year.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got there and the quartet just came on stage. They just couldn’t list the 4th due to corporate commercial issues.

The show was amazing. It was as great as I remembered it from last spring. I got the CD, Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet, and it is just as good as what I saw last night and last year. Each of these musicians are outstanding. They had each of the 3 do a solo again and I loved that, too.

Abigail Washburn with Casey Driessen and Ben Sollee and other banjo great

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