Sunday, February 22, 2009

Patricia Nicholson's A State of Mind @ The Living Theatre 2/21/09

I got there and found out Charles Gayle called out sick again. This is the 3rd time it happened when I've gone to one of his gigs. Its one reason I try to get to them as much as possible. They said he haas the flu.

Really, William Parker was there, and I was likely to choose this night regardless, so it wasn't a huge disappointment. I'm so glad that Parker was my first bass player after seeing Chris Wood for days. Jason Kao Hwang played with him and Cooper-Moore was on his drumheads, cymbal, and reeds. This was a collaborative piece arranged by Patricia Nicholson Parker and included 4 dancers.

It was great. I didn't quite get the dancing, and I'm more into the music anyway. Still, I enjoyed it a lot. It was stellar. It lasted about 45 minutes.

Patricia Nicholson's A State of Mind: dancers: Miriam Parker, Daniel Wilkins, Jason Jordan, Julian Barnett; musicians: Cooper Moore, Jason Kao Hwang, and William Parker

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