Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kenny Werner @ Jazz Standard 2/10/09

The first time I saw Kenny was at Dizzy's. I think it was a gig where they were doing Coltrane music and I wanted to go because a few musicians in it were some of my favs. I think it was the night I discovered my favorite Dizzy's spot, over at the regular chairs, in between the kitchen and the wait station. I can get up and dance, be out of everyone's way, and I don't have to watch all the food walk by under my nose. It's where they put musicians coming to see the show and sometimes people on the guest list. I remember before that show, someone over there asked me if I was there for Kenny. I told him I was there for a lot of people. After the 1st song, I went over to him and said "I'm here for Kenny!".

The guy is amazing. Therefore, I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to see him in a trio at Jazz Standard. It was awesome. Such a great place to see him. I also went because Ari Hoenig was in it. He was awesome. He did an incredible drum solo toward the end. I loved the bass player. This was my first time seeing him.

It's going on tonight as well. I highly recommend it.

Kenny Werner Trio featuring Johannes Weidenmueller (bass) and Ari Hoenig (drums)

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