Monday, February 9, 2009

Masada Sextet @ Abrons Art Center 2/6/09

I took the F train downtown and got there at about 9:05. The sign out front showed that both nights are sold out. I couldn't believe when I couldn't open any of the doors. I knew I would be able to get in if I kept trying. I started walking around the venue and saw a another part of Henry St Settlement. The doors were open and there was a person in there. I went in, told her I had a ticket and she went through a door to a theatre and asked for me. They let me in and ushered me upstairs. An usher was going to seat me. I saw that front row center of the balcony was open, so I made a gesture that showed my interest in sitting there. The usher showed me in a gesture I could sit there.

I just want to say that is THE best seat in the house. I was blown away by what was going on and see, hear and feel everything perfectly. I was in heaven! The drums were especially appealing in the midst of a bunch of great musicians doing great things.

I was also happy to see Zorn playing more traditional sax. Its such a rarity. The next piece had him playing in the more creative way I've become more accustomed to at the Improv Nights. Its like he's kissing the sax while playing it. I tend to prefer the more traditional jazz playing. He's really phenomenal.

The show with the encore ended at about 9:30. I thought there was going to be 2 sets. Oh well. Short as it was, that was the best show I've seen all year. Until the next night, that is. Then, both shows qualify as the best I've seen in 09 so far.

John Zorn: Masada Sextet
Friday, February 6 8 pm
John Zorn returns to the Abrons with the US premiere of his hot new Masada ensemble. The classic quartet of Zorn, Dave Douglas, Greg Cohen, and Joey Baron are augmented by the spectacular pianist Uri Caine and percussionist extraordinaire Cyro Baptista. The evening features two sets of Masada material old and new by this dynamic super band.

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