Monday, February 9, 2009

The Dreamers/O’o @ Abrons Art Center 2/7/09

I was sure not to be late to this one. I tried to go upstairs, but was told they don't seat that yet, its for latecomers. Makes sense. I got 6th or 7th row center, so I couldn't complain.

They started at around 8:10-8:15. Zorn tells us they were going to try to play new material and then play some of The Dreamers later. We discovered as the show went on, this was their rehearsal for the recording they were about to do the next day. Nice! I like it! We don't have to wait 3 months for the record to first hear it. Its also likely we'll get another live show for the cd release. Yeah!

What can I say other than that this music is blown away amazing. They were all amazing in each part. Still, at different moments I was caught by different people. I remember Jamie Saft hooked me in on the 1st tune with his piano. Trevor Dunn and Joey Baron caught me a lot. Ribot of course had me freaking out at times. I love Kenny on vibes. Cyro was as great as always.

There was one tune in the middle that was clearly my favorite in a bunch of great music. If I hadn't been in the middle, I would have had to jump out of my seat and start really dancing. It took a lot of control to stay seated.

The music definitely had the same feel as The Dreamers. there were 2 points were Zorn asked them to start over as they were playing too fast. It was rehearsal after all.

After an hour, they left the stage for 2 minutes. They came out and went right into The Dreamers, playing the 1st 4 (I think?) songs in order. It was so nice to see it live now that I've listened to the cd several times. I got to see what is going on with a better perspective. It was stellar.

When they left the stage, most of us figured they were done. They did just play their butts off for a long time. Manny from DMG got us to do the "encore applause" and they came out and did the next Dreamers song.

It was so awesome. I didn't get my nap in, and I was so satisfied I was done for the night.

John Zorn: The Dreamers/O’o
Saturday, February 7 8 pm
Marc Ribot, Jamie Saft, Kenny Wollesen, Trevor Dunn, Joey Baron, Cyro Baptista, John Zorn.
Two sets of music presenting The Dreamers and the World Premiere of The Dreamers Volume 2 (O’o) in one exciting concert! Named for an extinct Hawaiian bird whose delightful song will never be sung again, O’o is the exotic and charming follow up to The Dreamers, one of Zorn’s most appealing projects. Featuring the same dynamic band of masters from Zorn’s inner circle, O’o presents more lyrical and adventurous instrumentals exploring World Music, Surf, Exotica, Minimalism, Film Soundtracks and more.

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