Thursday, February 26, 2009

K3 @ Sullivan Hall 2/25/09

I got there at about 9:45 and they came on at about 10:05. It was pretty crowded. I have seen it worse, though. I think people were squooshed up a bit making the way back less crowded than it can be for super-crowded shows. I paid my cover at the door, so I'm not sure if it sold out soon after that or not.

The show was great. I had very low expectations due to the venue and crowd. I didn’t make it to that Tribeca Rock Club show back then, but I did attend a couple of rare K3 shows at 55 Bar after that. I think I remember hearing the TRC show didn't go so well, and therefore, I thought they might not translate well to another, larger venue. However, I have no clue whether this was actually the case. It's just a thought that was in my head and may have no truth to it at all.

Anyway, last night was a lot of fun. I liked the 2nd set even more, when the crowd thinned out a lot and I could get closer. I thought both sets were good, though. It is different here than the teeny tiny 55 Bar and being 5 feet from the band. I think I may like being a little farther away since it gets so intense. Although, I do have some remembrance of being more blown away at the tiny space.

feat. Wayne Krantz, Keith Carlock & Tim Lefebvre
the return of
Wednesday, Feb 25 @ Sullivan Hall, NYC
it's a warm-up gig for a new studio recording
(studio? last one of those was in '96..)
happening the first week of March
for the Abstract Logix label
(label? last one of those was in '96..)
should be good

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