Monday, February 9, 2009

Kría Brekkan @ The Stone 2/6/09

It was early, but I didn't feel like heading west to Cornelia St or Jazz Gallery where I knew there was music I would have enjoyed. When its close to 10, I don't want to go far, and I have nothing in mind, that means The Stone.

There was a line out front when I got there around 9:50ish. I asked around and found out it was a solo show for someone from Iceland. I was told she's in a lot of different bands and she plays a lot of different instruments. It was more intriguing once inside, hearing how many people were under 19 and therefor paying the reduced $5 cover. I also saw the guy that films a lot of the RUCMA gigs at The Living Theatre.

There was a piano out with a red light shining onto the strings. The lid wasn't open all the way.
Kría Brekkan came to play at around 10:20ish. They basically turned the lights off so you there was only a dim red light on her and the piano.

I was interested for a bit. It was basically her high-pitched singing with piano accompaniment. The mic had a little bit of electronic effect, I'm not sure if it was just reverb or if there was more to it than that.

She occasionally also played the handheld tape recorder. I think she was playing fast forward or something unusual. That was interesting.

After a while I started getting bored, though. After the show it was clear a lot of people enjoyed it. It just wasn't my style. I do appreciate knowing what else is out there. She reminded me a lot of someone else, maybe Tori Amos or Jewel. I'm out of touch with mainstream anymore, so I have to go back over 10 years. Since I've been in NYC, I stopped listening to the radio at all, at first due to reception.

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