Monday, February 2, 2009

Improv Night @ The Stone 1/30/09

It was yet another great Improv Night at The Stone. This time I got there early enough to get a good seat in "the other front row". I sat right behind the piano and it was much better than standing in the back by the door. I barely noticed when latecomers came in.

Unfortunately, I didn't get all the names. The first piece was Craig Taborn, John Zorn, a trombone and the drummer. The trombone played quite a bit during the set. There was another trombone, who only played in 1 piece besides the grand finale. I've seen him before, but can't remember his name.

Next was a beautiful piece with Okyyung Lee on cello, Matt Manieri on electric viola and Lotte Ankers on soprano sax. I saw the soprano in a whole new light. I already loved it, but there was something special about it in this piece with the 2 strings. It seemed like the high end of a clarinet. It wasn't as high as the soprano sax can be, though. The piece was beautiful.

Then it was John Zorn, Jeremiah Cymerman and both trombones. This was the one piece with the other trombone I already mentioned.

Next was a very soulful piece with the guitar, piano, drums, and tenor. The only pianist for the night was Taborn. The tenor was played by Lotte Ankers. I've seen the guitar on other Improv Nights and I think he's great. I have to make more of an effort to find him on his own gigs. I'm very curious.

Craig stayed up for the next piece with. the trombone and Matt Maneri. Matt played beautifully.
Next we got Cymerman, drums, tenor, and guitar.

The last piece before the grand finale was Zorn, Okyuung and Maneri. It was quite different than that earlier piece with the 2 strings and the soprano.

The grand finale with everyone was awesome.

The whole thing went from about 8:03 to about 9:10. It was great and well worth the $20. I also have to support the place whenever possible.

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Jamie Davis said...

Thanks for the comment, Terri. I was looking forward to seeing that one, but alas, I missed it. I tried to go, but I arrived too late to get in. I am going to the one tomorrow, 14 February.