Monday, February 16, 2009

A Love Supreme @ Middle Church 2/14/09

This was awesome and perfect for Valentine's Day. I love hearing A Love Supreme in a Church. I have to make sure I get to The Church of St John Coltrane in SF the next time I go. I love it there. In SF, you are encouraged to get up and participate. They have tambourines for attendees and invite people to bring instruments, etc. I love it.

The other night was of course different, it was a performance in a church with stellar musicians. It too was awesome. I was in the back dancing, as usual. They played the album straight through. There was a vocalist toward the end who sang the prayer. It was about an hour in total.

If I were to pick the bass player, I would have chosen Hill Greene in a minute. He was as awesome as I would have expected. Michael Wimberly was incredible on the drums. He had me a lot. He had a long drum solo toward the end that was amazing.

Special Valentine's Day Concert:
A Love Supreme
Words and music by John Coltrane
Roy Campbell, trumpets and flute
Louie Belogenis, tenor saxophone
Andrew Bemkey, piano
Hill Greene, bass
Michael Wimberly, drums
Beth Anne Hatton, vocals
Jacqueline Lewis, speaker

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