Friday, February 20, 2009

MMW @ City Winery 2/19/09

That was definitely my favorite of the run. I don’t know if Chris actually did take it up a notch (is that possible?) or if I was even more focused on him since the afternoon. He also caught a lot of my attention this run, so maybe that’s it. Whatever, he was incredible last night. I want more more more more! Come on, Chris, can’t you find some more time to give downtown NYC some more of you? It’s a new wish of mine.

I got there and sure enough, they did have the whole room utilized. I got my name checked off and was told I had to be seated by the hostess. I asked if I could stand, and I had just seen Scott, who informed her I wanted to dance. She told me there’s no dancing because you need a special license. I kind of went back into my old pattern of being upset about that. I quickly realized there’s nothing I can do, and I have to make the best of it. I found a standing spot I liked, and took her over there and asked if I could stand there. She told me there’s no standing, and started taking me toward the way back to the barstools (I didn’t want to be at the bar because it was too far from the stage). Without giving it a thought, I hear myself ask her if there was anything way up front. Phew! My being realized there was going to be talking and if I have to sit I want to be as close as possible. It was a very good move and I was the 2nd table in on Medeski’s side, right in front of him. Good enough!

They came on a lot later than previous nights, something like 9:15ish. I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st set. I had a good time chair-dancing and there were lots of awesome moments. I did find myself forgetting Cyro was there, until he’d grab my attention and then I’d remember quick. I wouldn’t say the first set was mellow, but it was definitely a lot more mellow than the 2nd set. The first set seemed a little more experimental.

The 2nd set seemed funkier. I had a few glasses of wine, and I don’t drink that much anymore, so I was getting loose. There came a point where I could no longer be contained in my seat. There were a couple of people dancing near me, and I got up and had to start getting down. The next song was quieter, and therefore the chatter was louder. I couldn’t take it, so I went back to my seat where it was easier to ignore the murmur. I think there was a lot of talking the entire performance, but I was pretty immune to it. I heard a murmur occasionally in the background, but my close proximity to the stage made it inconsequential.

There was no ignoring Cyro this set. I also thought it got more Latin sounding.

I loved the piano parts. Medeski spent a lot of time with all of his instruments. He started each set on the piano and again blew me away with every note and everything he did.

There was more funk til the end, and more people dancing. That was it, I went back up to my spot and let it all go. I was so happy.

Of course there is now the anti-climax of it being over. I think I’m a different person than before the run. I think I appreciate a lot the experimental music I go to even more. I’m looking forward to my next musical adventures, which will be soon. There’s a bunch going on this weekend. I hope to get to something tonight, but I probably have to take a nap first.

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