Friday, October 31, 2008

Joe McPhee’s Intimate Conversations featuring Mikolai Trzaska @ The Living Theatre 10/30/08

I don’t know if I’ve seen Joe McPhee before or not. I feel like I have, but I can’t remember. He was very excited to be playing with Mikolai Trzaska from Poland, who just flew in the day before. It was awesome. It was that great improvised stuff with a tenor, alto (sometimes bass clarinet), and drums. Every moment was excellent. I need a category for that type of music, I’ve heard this segment of avant-gard enough now. It’s very improvised and wonderful, but would appeal to a lot of people. Not out there at all, at least from my perspective. I guess some may think it’s a little out there when the drummer was drumming softly and McPhee and Trzaska were playing percussion on their saxes by hitting the keys, without having the instruments up to their mouths. So, I guess it’s definitely not straight ahead, but only a few steps away in the improvising genre. Whatever it was, it was excellent and the type of thing you see at Vision Fest.

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