Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gutbucket @ The Stone 10/21/08

I finally got a chance to see Gutbucket. All I knew was that they play Zebulon sometimes, which is good enough to check out if they are at The Stone. They started strong and energetic. I immediately put it in the avant-rock category. The sax was especially energetic, jumping around a lot and moving big constantly. The guitar was pretty energetic as well.

I enjoyed it a lot at first. I started getting tired of it later, due to the short songs and it all seemed very similar to me. I think it’s just a matter of personal preference as well as the venue. It would be nice to see what they are like another time at a larger space. I was starting to not like the energy of the sax jumping around so much. I was surprised it bothered me.

I did especially like the bass. I also enjoyed the first ½ hour before I started changing my view. Toward the end, there was a bass solo that I really liked. They are all talented musicians.

They did have a lot of people for a late Tues set. Most of them already knew their stuff and really like them. Looking at their bio, it looks like they would appeal to many fans of good music.

GutbucketTy Citerman (guitar) Adam Gold (drums) Eric Rockwin (bass) Ken Thomson (saxophone)

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