Saturday, October 18, 2008

Galactic @ Fillmore 10/17/08

Oh yeah! Oww! That was an awesome, high energy, Galactic at their best show. I finally decided to go last night when I opened the latest email from Galactic yesterday afternoon and saw this:

Galactic is out on the road with New Orleans heavyweight horn players Shamarr Allen and Corey Henry. This weekend they're hitting up the big apple at the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza, and tickets can still be purchased online. These shows will feature our friends Crown City Rockers, and on Saturday night Raul Midon will make a special appearance as well for what's sure to be an exciting show.

I was so glad to see they added a couple of horns and aren't doing rappers this time. I've been feeling horn-deprived since I got back to NYC. I didn't realize until they came on that the horns are from Rebirth. That immediately brought the expectation up a lot. A trumpet and a trombone full of energy!

I know Galactic can pull it off without any help, and this was like seeing them at their best, regardless of the extra talent. They started with a couple without the extras and it was awesome.

They did all the great songs and said tonight's set would be different. I would think they would do some of the same songs. Although, as I think about it, I've had times where I've had several of their CDs in my ipod and every time one of their songs came up in shuffle, I was very happy. So, I don't think it matters what they do when they play like that.

I came early because I wanted to check out the Crown City Rockers. They weren't for me. It was OK at first (I got there during the set). Then they started this great groove, and the lead rapper ruined it by asking if we liked hiphop and then the music stopped so he could do a solo rap. I shut down on them after that. He was also annoying in that he was constantly demanding audience participation like waving hands or screaming.

Galactic came on at 10:20 and played 1 long 2 hour set and a 2 song encore. It ended around 12:30.

I really didn't think I'd go tonight, but now it's a must. There's a different opener, and Scott was speaking very highly of them. I really want to go to some of the Neus Kabarett 10th anniversary at The Brecht Forum, so I don't think I'll make it for that. But, you never know. There's a lot of time between now and tonight. I'm also looking forward to Bobby Previte's New Bump at Blue Note late. I can't put off seeing them any longer.

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