Sunday, October 19, 2008

Galactic @ Fillmore 10/18/08

Galactic!!!! As much as I loved Fri, last night was blown away amazing. Fri was just a warmup. They really didn't even need the extra horns, but it was nice to have them there. They did some of the same songs, and some different.

The intensity and music quality was way up there. There was so much energy! This was one of my favorite Galactic shows of all time.

They were on fire. Stanton was at his top level. The guitar blew me away, I'd have to give Jeff Raines the MVP award. Both nights, I was impressed with Rich Vogel on keyboards. I'm surprised by that because I used to think he shouldn't even be in the band. We got a great, long bass solo from Robert Mercurio, who had his mother in the audience. Ben Ellman is consistently good.

I woke up from my nap just before 8pm, so I couldn't really make to the early shows I was looking at. I decided to check out the opener, Raul Midon. I've got to admit, in spite of the high recommendations on him, I wasn't too thrilled about seeing a solo singer-songwriter guitar player. He was pretty good, and had me dancing. I don't think I'd make a special effort to catch a whole show, but I am glad I got to check him out. I would go early if he's ever on the bill for something I'm attending.

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king james version said...

just saw them last night at the fillmore on the left coast. ridiculous. had seen them a couple times several years ago, but this was unreal.