Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bobby Previte's New Bump @ Blue Note 10/18/08

We got there around 1:10am and they came on a few minutes later. It's not unusual for bands to start late there. Bobby told us they would do one long set.

I took my dancing spot up by the soundbooth and continued the great time. I was so loose and ready to go and heavily influenced by the previous show.

It was Bill Ware on vibes, Brad Jones on electric bass, and Ellery Eskelin on sax. I've seen each of the 4 of them in many guises and love them all. This combo was awesome. There was a moment where I was wishing for Skerik on sax, but that soon dissipated and I was very happy with Ellery.

It was super grooving at times, while still being jazzy. Even the mellower parts had a groove to it. You should know by now I'm never that good of a judge of grooviness, I can feel and move to anything that I connect with.

It was a great place and time to see them. I think it was the perfect after-show. I think it ended close to 3, maybe a little earlier. As people left, I was able to move down to the first level and be closer to the action. I always love that. It also wasn't too crowded, which is when Blue Note is good late night.

OK, now I'm really happy to be home. I think NYC is the best place on Earth, but coming back from Germany was the first time I wasn't as thrilled with it as usual. I thought that was odd since I don't see myself living anywhere else and I don't tend to like to leave too much. We also have way more stellar music options here than even Berlin, which is a little dreary as a downside. I guess I just had that great of a time.

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