Friday, October 24, 2008

Mary Halvorson & Jessica Pavone @ The Stone 10/23/08

After Iridium, I quickly made my way down to The Stone for the Halvorson/Pavone Duo. I got there just in time, they were just about to play. I took the seat in the front row, right on the end. It turned out to be a good seat because I could see all without the music stand obstructing my view.

They had to stop and restart a couple of times due to sound issues. They eventually gave up and decided to play acoustic. I’m not quite sure exactly what that meant. They had mics for the vocals, and Mary still had her pedals. Jessica’s viola wasn’t hooked up at all. There was still some kind of knocking sound coming from Mary’s equipment, but you could only hear it when they weren’t playing.

Regardless, it was a great 40 minute set for me. While I’m normally not crazy about vocals, I love theirs. It’s definitely not overpowering, and I guess the words are “slightly off-key”. There’s something touching about the vocals, like they hit some spot in me that needs to hear it. Their playing was as excellent as usual. In a way, it was a treat to hear Jessica without the electrification. She seemed challenged and was reluctant to do one of the songs they did anyway. I certainly didn’t notice any lack.

This is something a lot of people would like. It’s not really “out there”, and every one needs to see Mary Halvorson on guitar, it’s definitely something special. They said they are playing Issue Project Room next.

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