Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ribot/Grimes/Taylor @ LPR 10/14/08

I found out that Marc Ribot, Henry Grimes, and Chad Taylor were playing at Le Poisson Rouge at 10:30 at around 8ish. I had planned on going to Zebulon for Daniel Carter and Simon Lott, which was the early show. I figured I could get in both. I wasn’t thinking when I went over there. While it was listed as 8pm, it probably woudn’t start until at least 9:30. It’s really hard to figure out that place. I think Cooper-Moore started more on time, but most start at least an hour late. I got there at 9, but it looked like they were in no hurry to start. I had my Moroccan Mint tea and they were about to come on at 9:40, but I had to go as I didn’t want to miss a minute of the LPR show. Oh well, it was worth a shot. Next time I know. It was interesting it also included one of the trumpet players that Daniel was jamming with when I saw them in Tompkins Square Park and a bass player. I’m sure it was good.

I got to LPR around 10:20, bought a ticket at the box office for $15 and was told to go downstairs to the front bar. They hadn’t finished setting up or something. I got a chance to examine the bar more closely and I’m happy to say there is plenty of variety. They have almost anything a person would want. There was plenty of whiskeys. We were allowed into the main space at 10:30 and they started at 10:35ish. I am in love with this place. They are now offering memberships, which probably makes sense for them to do. I’m amazed this place exists.

It was as great as expected. I was wearing out and had to leave at about 11:40 while they were still playing. It killed me to do it, but I was too tired to enjoy it anymore. It was awesome and a great place to see it. It was also a great welcome home show for me. I know I’m bound to get a good first show back, but that was extra special. They said this was their only NY show ever, but with the exception of last year. What does that mean? Whatever it means, they don’t play NYC too often so it was a very good idea to go.

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