Thursday, October 16, 2008

Peter Bernstein/Kurt Rosenwinkel Quartet @ Birdland 10/15/08

Birdland! I'm now realizing what a great place it is. I had a mental block based on the location, expense, and set times. I started getting over that the time I went to the early Wed show. Still, I wasn't doing too much to make it back.

Now I know. Its steps away from the 42nd St E stop, if you exit at 44th and 8th. If you go to the bar, the $30 cover includes a drink, which means it's not that much for the level of music they get. The set times might actually be an advantage, making it easy to go there and other shows in the same night.

The bar is also in great proximity to the stage. The tables look comfortable and it's not to tight. That's a $30 cover AND an additional 10 min. There's very close tables for a $40 cover + $10 min, but I don't see myself ever needing that.

The show was awesome. I was impressed with all of them. Kurt Rosenwinkel is now on my list of people to keep an eye on. I did have a good dancing spot. Peter Bernstein was awesome as well. I think I've seen him before, but I'm not sure. I really dug his sound and way of playing. It was nice to see another quartet with 2 guitars. The last time I saw that was in Berlin at the Sat night jam.
Wednesday through Saturday, October 15 - 18 @ 8:30pm & 11pm
Music Charge: $30 General Admission, $40 Orchestra
Two of the greatest jazz guitarists in the world, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Peter Bernstein compliment each other's distinct voice with their contrasting styles. According to the LA Times, Peter Bernstein possesses "the ability to play standards like he is inventing them on the spot," and Jazztimes calls Rosenwinkel "Easily the most original guitar voice of the decade." Together, their new band explores the outer limits of the jazz guitar tradition, and in the process, perhaps, redefines it. The quartet features Eric Revis on bass and Jason Brown on drums.

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