Monday, October 20, 2008

Rashanim @ The Stone 10/19/08

Ok, its official, I had an A++ weekend. The Rashanim closer was awesome. They had a substitute bass player, Yoshi. He was awesome, playing a lot of interesting melody at times.

They sat in chairs, probably to help them play quieter than usual due to the venue size. I thought it was going to be acoustic, but it was electric. That was fine because I had my earplugs, knowing it would be hard for them to play quietly the whole time. Its exciting music.

They did only play 1 loud song, but there were moments of loudness in the rest.

It was phenomenal. These are topnotch musicians with phenomenal music. I was so sorry when it ended, I could have used another hour. They played a lot of stuff I've heard them do before, but in a quieter, more relaxed way.

Jon Madof (guitar) Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (bass) Mathias Kunzli (drums)
Rashanim returns to The Stone to perform music from their three Tzadik releases as well as material from a new project based on the biblical prophets.

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