Friday, October 31, 2008

Anthony Coleman Confronting The Current Paradigm @ Roulette 10/30/08

Back to Roulette for another great one. It started with Alex Waterman’s piece, “The Other of Language” for violin and cello. He played cello and Jennifer Choi played violin. It was meant to show the difference in the 2 instruments and how you can’t get the same sounds out of each. It was excellent. I haven’t seen Alex Waterman in a while, but I definitely enjoy it when I do get to see him.

Next there were 6 short solo piano pieces by Anthony Coleman. He’s always phenomenal. It was also fun watching him tape and untape the music on his stand quickly in between pieces. Lately I’ve been wondering how artists keep their music straight and together. You have to be organized given their vast repertoire.

Then there was an incredible 4 pieces played continuously by a string quartet. Alex Waterman, Jennifer Choi, Cornelius Dufallo on violin, and Stephanie Griffin on viola. I’m always interested in string quartets. It started when I stumbled on DBR at the WFC during lunchtime one year. He had a string quartet in the middle of a piano, laptop, drumkit and he played the violin also. Then, I would find myself occasionally reading a novel in which the main character was in a string quartet. That happened about 3 times, and gave me even more perspective. The playing last night was incredible and when they stopped, I found I wasn’t ready for them to stop.

Then there was a piece with Coleman and Waterman, I think he said it was called “Tenths and Tensions”. That was awesome and I heard sounds from the cello I don’t recall ever hearing before.

Then there was a short intermission. I got excited when I saw what the next band was looking like. Michael Attias on baritone and tenor (or was it an alto?), Ashley Paul on reeds, Doug Wieselman on reeds and guitar (including a bass clarinet!), Alex Waterman with his cello I was falling in love with, Eli Keszler and Dave Shively on percussion and Anthony Colman. They did 5 pieces in something called “… It Was In A Hotel”, which I think was written after 10pm in Boston sometime.

That was incredible. There was a small amount of vocals from Ashley that always had me take note. It really worked well. Waterman impressed me even more. There was one point where it sounded like air blowing and none of the horns were playing at that moment, just Waterman. I didn’t know a cello could do that! The percussion was great. There was a big gong in front of one guy so I couldn’t really see what he was doing. Whatever I could see looked very interesting. I hadn’t seen Doug Weiselman in a while. I used to see him a lot. I think a lot of it has to do with the Steven Bernstein and Tonic void.

That was great and I was revved up and knew I had to go to The Living Theatre after that.

Anthony Coleman Confronting The Current Paradigm
Anthony Coleman - composer/pianist with... Jennifer Choi, Cornelius Dufallo - violins Stephanie Griffin - viola Alex Waterman - cello Marty Ehrlich - bass clarinet Doug Wieselman - reeds and guitar Michael Attias, Ashley Paul - reeds Stephen Gosling - piano Eli Keszler, Dave Shively - Percussion
Something happened and a lot of new work came out of it. Please come and find out what. Tonight's program includes Artifacts for String Quartet, Flat Narrative for Bass Clarinet and Piano Quartet, Six Short Pieces For Piano, the Band Project was in a Hotel...and More!

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