Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Munich 10/7/08

I did some research for Tues. A good source for some listings is In Munchen. It doesn't have everything going on, though. I was intrigued by the listing for a Blues Rock band. After some surfing, I saw they were on tour and would be playing at Quazimodo in Berlin. I already knew that is a place with good music, even though I didn't make it there. Then I found this Youtube video. Oh yeah, this is it.

The place is Titanic City, the band is the Henrik Freishlader Band. It was a blues club with good drinks in the basement. The band was as good as the video and I was very happy. They did 2 long sets with a short setbreak in between. During the 2nd set, the guitar and bass left the stage and there was an excellent 20 min drum solo. And, everyone was attentive and listening. It was fantastic.

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