Thursday, October 30, 2008

Robert Sudduth Trio @ The Stone 10/29/08

The thing that especially intrigued me, in addition to Trevor Dunn being in it, was the “special guest drummer”. I didn’t know who he or Rob Sudduth was, but the music and playing were stellar. The drummer is Enzo Zirilli from Italy, and I sure need to see him more often if I can. I had to look him up as he’s someone I should look for when I’m traveling the world through music.

This music was soulful and just amazing. It was so nice to see Trevor in it. I wanted a cd, but I didn’t see any. There were a lot of people attending who spoke a different language or had a heavy accent. I’m guessing they are more known in Europe. I was surprised to see Robert Sudduth lives in NY. I need to look out for him more going forward.

Robert Sudduth TrioRob Sudduth (saxophone) Trevor Dunn (bass) and a special guest drummer
New compositions for tenor saxophone, bass and drums

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